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About Us

Astics Inc. is a cloud platform providing Software as a Service for Businesses to sell their products to consumers via real time communication.

AavGo Hospitality, part of Astics Inc, is an end to end solution providing savings, and easier communication to Hoteliers and Consumers via our Real Time Communication Platform.

Moreover Astics Inc. has successfully developed and deployed multiple mobile applications which have been well received by consumers globally, with 3,00,000 + downloads and an average rating of 4.5.


Cost Savings for
Every Business profits are directly related on bringing their costs down. Our Big Data Analysis Cloud platform guarantees you savings via the analysis we do and suggestions we offer.


Customers are confident for our product
Customer's confidence is our confidence. We work with our customers on a personal basis to make sure they understand, and know how to take benefits of our platform. Our goal is to make them confident of our platform in order for them to benefit them.

Guaranteed ROI

Guaranteed ROI within
3 months
Developing metrics for measuring ROI[Return On Investment] is not only a productive exercise, but a necessary one. No company can give the guarantee that they can get the ROI in 3 months, but our product can showcase on how you can achieve this.

Increase Sales

Business is all about
We help Businesses to increase their sales via our platform, whether it be ecommerce, or it be hospitality. We provide them Guest Engagament Platform which will help a business to increase their sales with direct engagement with their customers.









Cloud Platform for Businesses

Paisaone Paisaone

Find latest deals, discounts and coupons from all Indian online shopping websites. PaisaOne will provide you the best deals, Deals of the ...

Connect Textile Connect Textile

Connect will help to find name and business detail in different market like SALES, RETAILS, WHOLESALLERS, AGENTS, MILLS, WEAVERS ...

AavGo AavGo

AavGo provides a simple end to end solution which helps increase ADR and occupancy for hotels, and also able to achieve lower rates for consumer then most of the online sellers...

AavGo Workonomics

Workonomics The traveling employee is a stakeholder in – and a customer of – responsible travel management. The social and ethical dimension of responsible travel management...

Apps for Consumers

Shrimad Bhagvad Geeta Shrimad Bhagavad Geeta

This application will provide you Bhagavad Gita in Three different languages Sanskrit, Hindi and English. You can listen as well ...

Bible Bible The Holy Book

Experience the Word of God Like Never Before. Stay Blessed! Read, Listen and Get Daily verse of the day, it will provide you ...

CricAstic CricAstics

CricAstics 3D Multiplayer Cricket Game, App available in android, iphone, iPad device. CricAstics is free app.


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